a mission to inspire

I am a writer. I was so proud of myself when I finished my first novel. Why? Because writing is hard – or it can be. But should writing be hard? Is it just the way I am approaching it?

The muse starves if you do not feed her. I need inspiration and motivation to write. I have searched for a nice little volume to give me that boost of self-belief that I crave as regularly as caffeine, but could find nothing to fit the bill. So I have decided to create my own.  In this blog I will post inspiration-bytes from an ecletic range of sources. My aim is to aid those who fall prey to self-doubt or lack of motivation in their creative writing. I place myself at the top of the list.


3 thoughts on “a mission to inspire

  1. susiedruce says:

    Love your blog, great inspiration! I have just moved to Condingup in WA, met your lovely Mum (who is soooo proud of you) and she gave me your details. Keep writing, you have a real talent to engage your readers.

  2. Anne Summers says:

    Hi, really appreciated all this inspiration – I certainly need some right now. My Muse has taken a holiday and with Singing Mountain waiting for last edits, I am having serious doubts about my writing. So thanks again, and I hope to catch up at Oct. WW…anne

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