an injection of joy

I propose we delight in the process of writing;

delight in the imagined state of completion; delight in the mind-jumbling confusion of not understanding how to get there, …

delight in watching drafts unfolding like petals… in knowing that in this very moment, we are doing what we were put on this Earth to do – to write.

Sage Cohen, The Productive Writer

As Cohen sees it: “Discipline gets the job done. But if you are not fueling it with the right energy source, it could become an inflexible, joyless rod that you come to dread rather than anticipate.”

Sometimes I forget why I began to write in the first place. Love, wasn’t it? No, now I think about it, it was far more than mere love. More like a state of obsession, a fascination for crafting meaning out of words, an addiction to the sheer intensity of experience wrought by the creation of story. Discipline gets the job done, true. But is this just a job I am undertaking? If dry discipline is all I have to bring to the page, won’t my reader sense it too?

Cohen is right – I need to rediscover delight in my writing. Or possibly just raving obsession …


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